Work Week - April 21

Work Week - April 21

Work Week

Sunday April 21, 2024


Hey everybody, Elden here. I wanted to try something new and also see if you guys would be interested in me going through what a work week would look like but also on a weekly basis as one week may differ from another.

In an effort to defeat debilitating perfectionism, i'm just gonna go right into sorry if the format is a bit wonky.

Honestly things have been getting stale in a way on the creative side. Running a business definitely eats into creative flow in one way or another. So i've thought of something that would help get the juices flowing again.

I'm gonna try making something new roughly once a week.

The goal of this is for me to create more and get in that rhythm. I've been working tirelessly on a lot of products that have never seen the light of day and that kinda sucks. It is what it is? But i think it's from the fact that I only want to put out good things, which I think is valid, but man i've filtered out so many projects I need to tone it back a bit.

So what does my work schedule look like this week?

1. Catch up on orders (in-house printing) (hurts my wrist smh)

2. Make sure thinking cap production is going well.

3. Ship orders daily.

4. Design, sample, release a new shirt design this Friday.

5. Design SS24 and make sure sampling goes smoothly.

I'll plan to do #1-3 in the morning, then #4-5 after lunch. And this will probably be every day Mon-Fri.

It get's pretty repetitive. It's tiring. It get's really fun sometimes, but there's a lot of times where you just gotta push through. Not sure what else I should write about now.

I'm excited to design a new shirt. Oh yea lemme give you a run down. I'll have the shirt up available on the site for the weekend, maybe longer. Those will probably be made to order at the start (wanna make sure I don't waste any supplies).

Ok so yea this blog post is a little rough, but hope that was a little interesting at least.

Lemme know if there's anything else you'd like more info on or other topics to cover. I need to figure out how to enable comment. If there's a comment section then I figured it out.




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  • don’t know how my bro or I found your page a few years ago but he bought a crew neck you made and ever since then, we’re obsessed. My yearly Christmas present to him is one of your tshirts, so thanks for easy present ideas lol. Love what you stand for – keep killing it

  • I love your stuff. Keep on grinding man. I am also wearing one of your shirts right now. I love your stuff.

    Gideon Assefa
  • the method to the madness. gonna share this with some peeps! thanks for sharing Elden.

    Zachary Tan
  • ❤️

  • Wearing dreamers v2 right now. Your designs and quality are worth it and inspiring.

    Celebrate the wins, big or small, and try to enjoy the process and the ‘art in progress’


    Dave Garvin

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