Been working on pieces for about 4 hours straight since I got home, from a heavy workload day. But it’s one of those days in the studio where I’m just cranking out pieces like that. Definitely a lot more to go, but I’m pretty proud of the amount of work I got done in 4 hours of being in the studio, I lost track of time.

Honestly, things are starting to pick up and I am both stoked and scared. Stoked that after all these years I see change coming. Change: one of the many dreams that I have are to live in a time where chasing your dreams is not seen as crazy, but interpreted as normal. A time where parents would ask their kids what they want to be when they grow up, as a fair question. Wouldn’t that be so dope?

To those that have reached out and messaged me, thank you so much. you are the exact reason why i am able to continue doing this, especially with all the grammatical errors in this blog. But it’s not easy to keep creating, especially if I don’t know if its making a difference. But from the response I’ve gotten, it’s so sick to know how much more talent and dreamers are out there. We are not alone, and we need to support each other if we want to see change. Competition is real, but something you shouldn’t worry about if what you're doing is honest and has good intentions.

It’s time to sleep, and continue tomorrow morning before going to Arts District & Chinatown (LA) to meet someone I’ll be collaborating with. So stoked for new opportunities. If you got dreams, chase em. Just be smart about it. If you need help, let me know and hopefully i can connect you with the right person.


live creatively and with great intention.

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