011 - Starting a Collection - 'The Core'

011 - Starting a Collection - 'The Core'

Monday 11:26am - HOUSEOFDAKH Studio


Starting a collection starts off with your definition of what a collection is. In my case, i’m using it to refer to a collection of pieces I will release that withholds the same conceptual background all together. BTW dont be hating on mispelt words or bad grammar im just gonna zoom through this post so i dont stray off topic lmao.

Disclaimer this is just how I do things kay?

First start at the core of the collection, what will it be based off of? Sometimes it’ll come to me on the drive home, other times i’ll have to sit down and think what story I want to tell. Today, something came to me while I was printing clothes. Think of the core as the story that will pilot how your collection will look, and the method your story will be told. This part is important as it will be the basis of everything you do after. It should be the answer to any question youll have later on about your own collection. What colors to use, fabrics, design style, photo styles, etc. Write the story you want to tell, can be simple / can be complex. Use the core as your guide.

The last couple months i’ve been trying to work on a collection but was never able to find something that i was super stoked about. I guess that’s just the way it goes, and also just a reminder that every designer / creative has their own way of doing things. We all have our own ‘core’ in that sense. Our own stories can drive our motivations for the things we do, and the art we create. During the struggle of trying to be unique as an artist, I feel like we tend to overlook our own stories and try to fit in an overpopulated box. The struggle to be different, I think, starts from disconnecting yourself from your art. What im trying to say is we tend to think what we make is sub par only in comparison to what is mainstream, what is looked as the standard / the bar. The difficulty of doing something new shouldn’t be as hard as we’re making it, but the overstimulation of ‘how its supposed to be done’, could deter us from making the art we want, but also appreciate the art of others. I think im just ramblinbg at this point lol.


It’s been just about a year since I’ve relaunched this project and still in disbelief on how well I think it’s doing. Where i’m at right now is here: I miss making the type of stuff I used to make. That’s pretty scary to say, because that itself tells me ive strayed away from something I enjoy. I guess its time to get my bearings and make shifts to where I can be creatively sane again haha. Huge huge thank you to everyone that has supported the process, and also happy to see that more of you guys are making things happen for yourselves and others. inspiring to say the least, but good to know more and more of you peeps are out there. I got some new things i’ll be trying soon, keep an eye out :)




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