007 - [Video] Dream Development

007 - [Video] Dream Development

HOUSEOFDAKH Studio | March 18, 2020 8:36pm


The world is ending. Okay, not really but it feels that way.

Stores are empty, roads are clear, and people are told to stay at home, alone.

We’re dreamers.

But what does that mean if we stay as dreamers?

It’s not just a dream. It’s something inside of you, that you find fulfilling and meaningful.

Whatever that is, just go and find out if it really is just a dream.

Mistakes will be made, I’ve made them and i’m still making them.

Don’t be afraid of them, but learn from them. They are your teacher.

Trust the entire process, the whole way through.

Think creatively and execute.

It’s easier with community, and becomes hard on your own.

Let’s believe in ourselves, because it’s not just a dream.

Short post, hope you’re all doing well during this weird time.


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  • Thanks, good word mate

    Caleb Grant

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