008 - Thank You

008 - Thank You

1:16 pm - HOUSEOFDAKH Studio

Well it’s been a while since I’ve wrote on here. It’s May 14 for those who have lost track, like I have. Thank you all essential workers and all frontline workers, we couldn’t do it without you heroes. Small businesses, hang in there, get creative and adapt, you got this you have our support. Prayers going out for any struggles, especially in this time of crisis.

Just want to catch you guys up with everything. 2020 did not turn out like anyone ever expected and I feel like I don’t really have to spell that one out. Also, didn’t expect to be so busy, making clothes, screenprinting, sewing, shipping, and getting to know some of you whenever I had the chance.

The last couple months or so I have been working on fulfilling orders for the “Visionary” Collection and man, so thankful for you all. The support and love (and criticism lol) continue to shape me and shape this project called HOUSEOFDAKH to a better version everyday. This is mainly by experience the kind of community that is out there being built, a collection of individuals who have faith in what you’re building, some really good people. While the collection was receiving so much support and interest, to be honest it was just getting boring. Now, at the moment I handle all shipment, inventory, screen printing, sewing, and pretty much everything else. I can’t do it on my own, and everyday repeating the same routine, making the same cuts, folds, and mistakes, I just wanted to keep creating, but something new. I had to stop the collection, especially with orders starting to build, I had to take some time to just focus on getting these orders out as soon as possible. Then shipping times were understandably delayed, but that made it much more difficult to get orders out on time. I was stressed to say the least.


Just want to talk about you guys for a sec. You guys are so dope, not even just for being here and supporting in whichever way you have, but mostly from discovering how many of you there are really going for it. I am definitely looking forward to working with some of you in the future, it would be an honor. MUSIC COMPOSERS, DESIGNERS, ARTISTS, CINEMATOGRAPHERS, EVERYTHING. THE WORLD IS IN GOOD HANDS WITH YOU. But aside from that, just a huge thank you for the love and kindness and patience and motivation I’ve received.

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