009 - Mistakes [Curtains Collection]

009 - Mistakes [Curtains Collection]

7:59pm - HOUSEOFDAKH Studio


Stepping into this new season, the journey of self reflection and the inward perspective.

I wanted to take time this season to reflect on the road to why. Why do we create the things we do, and present ourselves the way we do. In this journey, we make mistakes and I want to dive a little bit into that. I’ll be making the language geared more towards us creators / people in the creative industry but i think these concepts could apply to a lot of things. Here we are talking about mistakes and i want to emphasize the importance of them.

Mistakes, we make them, when we don’t want to, and should also learn from them. Mistakes come from choices, and also the route to not make a choice is one itself. We always talk about intention and doing things the right way, and also choose to be “perfect” when actually that is not even a choice. why are we choosing a choice that we can’t even make. Creatives, there are two choices, either you try or you don’t. Although it is very hard, i always try to avoid seeing it as to ‘fail’ or to '‘succeed’, you automatically fail the second you choose not to try, and I want to expand on this for a little bit.

“I am not trying” in my case looked like the following:

  • “I can’t do it because I don’t know how”

  • “‘John’ is already doing it, I can’t do it now”

  • “I ‘tried’ but nothing happened

  • “There are people that are better than me”

    the list goes on

but here’s a version where I am trying:

  • “I don’t know how, but I will learn”

  • “‘John’ is doing it, and I am doing it, good thing we’re two different people with different ideas”

  • “I will try until something happens, and keep going”

  • “They have more experience but I can bring a different perspective”

Every excuse you tell yourself why you can’t try something, I believe is some kind of source of you choosing not to try. And if for any reason your circumstances make it difficult for you to try something, imagine falling so deeply into that passion that it overwhelmed your circumstance or maybe you defied the normal and did the impossible, you did that.


So we all make mistakes, what happens when we make them? Accept it, learn from it and do everything you can to not make the same one. Mistakes are a vital part of the growth and learning process and I try to use and exploit every mistake i’ve made and turn that into wisdom and knowledge to carry me through more endeavors in the future. It’s learning by experience and I think that’s what shapes our character and shapes our work we present, in front of the curtains.

But, there is also what goes behind the Curtains

In this season I want to spotlight, the journey, failures and successes. Self reflection, highlighting why we do the things we do, who do we do it for. In front of the Curtains, is the show we want to put on. I’m not saying we’re being fake, give yourself some credit, I believe you are a human with good intentions. But, are we putting too much focus in front of the curtains?

Here some struggles i’ve had as a creative (also type 3 enneagram).

Thinking I am worth, only the work I put out and what is shown to the public. Making sure people like what I make, often altering to cater to others opinions. Afraid of what others may think. When will I “make it”?

Thoughts like this, i feel like, slow my ability to grow and progress as a human and as a creative. It is very damaging to the integrity of what my intentions are.

I know I probably talk in circles in my blog, yeah i’m not the best writer but I just try to get my ideas out there lol.

Here’s the punchline. Mistakes, there’s some sort of beauty or essence it has that feels magical. Like, it feels like we almost need them, when all we do is try to avoid them. Not saying we need to make all the mistakes in the world, but theres an art that comes from it. A way I can see them is a breath of fresh air while going off the rails. Kind of a weird thing to think about, but mistakes have often brought me to new ideas, mainly because mistakes mean we’ve gone off track. It is so easy for us to think mainstream when what we need are fresh ideas that usually come from out of bounds. In other words, sometimes we find ourselves in a tough position when in big picture, we are in a spot to bring different perspective and shed different light on something. There is beauty in that.

I will be going into a season of just figuring out more of why I do things, what perspectives mistakes and chaos could give me, and doing my best to try.

Appreciate you reading, especially if all my grammatical errors didn’t bother you too much. If you have any comments or questions or critiques, I would love to hear or have discussion in the comment section down below. I don’t know all the answers, and just sharing my thoughts that often come up randomly in my head haha. Much love. Take care, talk soon.

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