010 - It's been a while, this is just a reminder.

010 - It's been a while, this is just a reminder.

1808 @ the HOUSEOFDAKH home base.

Man it’s been so long since i’ve wrote on here i’ll catch you guys up on everything very soon. But just here to say to keep going, as long as you know why. Push for things you believe in and also try to see how the journey itself can lead you to a state of happiness.

I’ve slowly started to lose the feeling of being happy being able to create things and I am here trying to catch myself before I slip too far. But again, it all comes back to the why and i think what makes it hard is that the why always seems to change as I move along. Maybe that’s a bad thing or maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe that’s something I shouldn’t even worry about. I’m not saying im not happy, being here making things and creating art, but I think what starts to spoil that joy and happiness of purely creating is just getting caught up in nonsense that starts this internal mental creative battle of the why.

In the end, i still believe all of this will always be a constant work in progress, so this is the progress. A work of art in the making, and a journey of creating that art in it’s purest form. Appreciate you all, more to update you on soon. I’ll be planning for a few projects coming up, that i'm really excited for, so stay posted.



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